Any Space in an Open House for 2013?

Thu 06 Dec 2012 by Emma_McCann

I am looking for someone in BIG who has a small space in an 'Open House', or knows of someone who has, where I can exhibit my work during the Brighton Festival 2013?  It would entail an area for a small picnic table where I can exhibit my fairy based paper crafts but, if there was an opportunity to have a little wall space to hang some pictures, that would equally be great!
If I am too late for 2013, which I imagine I am, I am also interested in the christmas open houses or I am happy to wait until 2014 if there is a possible list I need to put my name on?
I would be very grateful, generally, for any names or point of contact for any craft & design fairs in Brighton during the year.
Look forward to hearing from you,