Three Doctors Looking for an Illustrator

Thu 11 Oct 2012 by Emma_McCann

Dear Brighton Illustrators,

We are three doctors looking for an illustrator who would be interested in doing a monthly comic strip in the Journal of Practical Neurology.

The project is to generate a monthly comic strip in the renowned Journal of Practical Neurology to help put across to the public some salient points in the Neurology field. In a sense, to encourage interest in the area and simplify some complex ideas to make them better understood by the general public. Its likely the project will be a big hit, as nothing like this has been done before and this particular journal has also shown great interest. We also have support from Dr Bain, Consultant Neurologist who is helping pilot our project and is very influential with regard to what is actually published in that journal.

So what we have are mini-stories putting across some common Neurological conditions. We are writing the stories, and what we need is someone to do a little comic strip of each story. It should literally be a short strip and the stories will end on cliff hangers to be followed up in the next months edition. In the first instance, we can't unfortunately guarantee you a publication or a financial reward; this will depend on whether we can get the first edition to the journal and get their opinion. If it goes down well (very likely), we will financially compensate you, and you will also have a monthly journal slot.

The ultimate aim of this is to make a short book of stories in comic form for educational purposes for A-level etc. We are confident this project will be a success, we just need to find a fantastic illustrator to carry it through.

If anyone is interested, I can send an exert of the first story for perusal and perhaps you can send us back an idea of what you can draw from it!


Dr Thomas Moon MBBS BA

[email protected]