Shoreham Society in Need of a Logo

Wed 08 Aug 2012 by Emma_McCann

Design brief for Shoreham Society logo

While wishing to give the designer maximum creative scope, the society has some
requirements for its logo that should be reflected in the design.

The essential need is for a stylish but simple, clean and compact logo incorporating the
name “Shoreham Society”, for use on stationery, publications, posters, banners etc (which
might be vertical or horizontal). Its purpose is to act as a consistent and memorable
identity flag.

It should capture, in a minimalist graphic sense, the essential flavour of the society - an
independent organisation concerned with preserving excellence in the built environment
and seeking to ensure good design, civic pride and quality of life from future town planning
and development. We want to preserve the best of the past but are forward-thinking and
progressive about the future.

In our dealings with local authorities and other bodies we need to be perceived as a
modern, influential group with responsible aims and a professional approach, so the logo
design should convey appropriate gravitas.

The design might hint at the town's geographic situation on the river and between the
Downs and the sea. Or it might suggest a principal feature within the town such as St
Mary's Church or the Marlipins. Or perhaps a simplified echo of the ancient town seal. But
the incorporation of any such graphic representation is not compulsory and should
certainly not compromise a simple, pleasing and stylish logo.


Simple, compact, clean, minimalist design

Two or three colours max, but still works when copied in b/w

Appropriate for a professional, forward-thinking civic society

Capturing some essence of Shoreham or its environment, history or character.


For further information about the society see the website:



The Shoreham Society is a charitable organisation with limited funds, so is not in a
position to commission design at commercial professional rates. Designers with an
association with or affection for Shoreham are invited to submit designs on the basis that
£200 will be paid for a design that is adopted as the society logo, but no payment will be
made for submitted work not selected.

Email for electronic submissions: [email protected]
cc [email protected]

Address for paper submissions: 59 Connaught Avenue, Shoreham-by-Sea, BN43 5WL

Deadline: 10am on Monday, Sept 3.