Press & Release Exhibition

Sat 27 Apr 2013 by Allan_Sanders

Press & Prelease

Illustrators including Jonny Hannah and Otto Dettmer feature in Press & Release, an interesting looking exhibition of artist's books over at Phoenix Arts Brighton.

27 April - 9 June

Weds - Sun, 11am - 5pm
Late openings: 16, 17 18 May until 9 pm

Long after the old printing presses have been dismantled and buried, the artist’s book springs to life in all its pulpy glory. With a passion for glittering words, rustling pages and multi-faceted forms, it gathers together the dreams, desires and obsessions of its creators into little repositories of life and light that outshine the Kindle.

Press & Release is an oasis for the bleary-eyed, screen-scorched reader. It celebrates the thriving culture of artists’ books, with a focus on hand-made and limited editions, and some boundary-breaking permutations. Ranging from silkscreen, collaged and hand-painted books to poetry, text and ‘zines, the exhibition offers a glimpse into the many and varied worlds of book artists.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is a specially designed installation which invites viewers to engage with the books and escape the constraints of time. It beckons to our imaginations and tactile curiosities, and once we are drawn into its labyrinthine depths we won’t want to leave.

Press & Release is curated by Karin Mori, and exhibition design is by  Ben Thomson.