Wed 24 Feb 2016 by Alan (Fred)_Pipes

As I'm now retired, i can confidently turn down work... This is from an old client who want a cartoony style, email me on [email protected] if interested and I'll give you the contact:

We are a restaurant company – I have attached

our FOODIES values for you to see what they are
an image I took on the wall at Sony that inspired me to think we could illustrate these values. A lot of our employees do not have English as their first language so illustrating the values may also help them to understand them.
Foodies spells out the first letter of each of the values. We also call this our secret sauce- because it is fundamentally about our people. I have attached a visual of this but you would not need to be constrained by this actual sauce bottle.

I have a size that’s 5 x 4 proportion- portrait

I would like it in our corporate colours if possible
Which is black
Grey PMS 403
Purple PMS 2612
Green PMS 368

Please can you let me know if you would be able to undertake the commission and what the likely cost would be.  I am happy to have a chat on the phone too.