Brushes app in action.

Fri 01 Oct 2010 by Geo_Parkin

Small-screen digital painting comes to life on YouTube!

For all I know I might be preaching to the already-converted but over the last few months I've become increasingly besotted with the Brushes painting app for the iPod Touch / iPhone. I've gone on about it on my blog ad nauseum and will happily bore anyone within earshot on the subject , usually until they wrestle me to the ground and seal my mouth with duck tape.

An accompanying free app, Brushes Viewer, allows the development of the painting to be replayed, stroke-for-stroke which can be a mixed blessing but is certainly an interesting novelty. There are tons of examples already on YouTube that provide an insight into other artist's working methods.

Here's a recent example anyway; the finished piece plus a link to the short video of its evolution, from soup to nuts.

The app, in case you're interested, is a snip at only £2.99 from the iTunes Store.

Self portrait in action! on YouTube