Anyone Interested in Collaborating?

Wed 22 Aug 2012 by Emma_McCann


I've written my second book and am looking for an illustrator. My first book, The Naked Inventor' (the inventing business stripped bare) was a POD for selling to the audience after my guest presentations at inventors' clubs. It was well received so I submitted it to a literary agent who was very complimentary about the style and the humorous cartoons but said, as expected, that the market was too small for full commercialisation.

I have now written for a much bigger market - parents of young children. 'How to Raise Your Children Biologically' is being considered by the same agent who liked the first book and needs minimal style B & W cartoon illustrations. The concepts are written into the text and just need line drawings.

Sadly, I'm a pensioner so, until I get a publisher, I have no funds but, here is an opportunity for someone who wishes to break into the book illustration field. We could strike a deal based on sales.



John Richards
[email protected]