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Thu 08 Mar 2012 by Emma_McCann

Another email you might like to see from Toovey's:

Invitation to enter the selection process

I am writing to introduce and offer an exciting new opportunity for you to exhibit and market your artwork in Sussex.

We are currently accepting entries for our sixth annual sale of Contemporary Art at Auction.  The ethos of these sales has always been to promote the arts in Sussex by creating a refreshingly different way for artists to showcase and sell their work in this county.  Horsham Museum & Art Gallery share this same outlook and, as in previous years, they will be supporting the event by hosting an exhibition of entries prior to the auction, which is well publicized in the local media.  We, of course, promote the sale extensively ourselves, through the national collectors’ press and online media, the local press and through our own direct marketing and website, one of the leaders in our profession.  Your works, therefore, will be guaranteed maximum exposure in Sussex and well beyond.

Why sell at auction?

We have a database of private buyers looking to invest in artwork.  Here is a link to testimonials from some of our buyers:

All items entered feature in a fully-illustrated colour catalogue (a copy of a previous catalogue can be sent on request).

Any works sold at auction enter into the art price journals, potentially creating a resale market and therefore creating an investment cachet for all existing and future collectors of your work.

Selling by auction has the unique potential to achieve higher prices than expected for your work by introducing the element of competition between prospective buyers.

We work on a seller’s commission of 18% (inclusive of VAT) and a £6.00 lotting fee per lot, which we know is lower than most galleries.  We are able to do this as we also charge a buyer’s premium.

There is no charge if your lots do not sell and no record of them failing to sell is published.  The only expense you would incur is that of transporting the items to our auction rooms and back.

We are pleased to set a reserve price on each item entered, so that if it sells, it is at a price which is acceptable to you.  We do, though, ask that the reserve be set at a reasonable level and trust that, in the interest of generating competition for your work, you will take into consideration our low seller’s fees.

Here is a link to testimonials from other artists that have previously participated in the auction:

Having seen your work, I believe that it has something different to offer than the other works consigned.  It is important for me to keep the auction fresh and different each year for our clients, balancing as many artists who are new to the event as possible with artists whom they have grown to know and love.  This is, therefore, an invitation to enter the selection process.

The deadline for delivering items will be 1st May.  To enter the selection process all artists will need to email images of the work which they would like to submit (up to a maximum of ten) with sizes and a price list of suggested reserves by 30th March 2012.  Images should be supplied in JPEG format and do not have to be professional photographs - snapshots will suffice.  This, along with a CV and any other information you feel would be relevant, will allow me to make an informed decision on whom to represent this year.  I am aware that it is some time before the delivery deadline, so if you sell a work pledged to me before then, I’m sure that we will be able to find a mutually agreeable substitute.  Only three works from each artist will be included in the sale. .  Please note that we do not accept giclee or colour prints, unless they have been hand-finished or hand-created (i.e. etched, linocut, screen printed, etc).

I would be grateful if you would confirm to me as soon as possible if you are interested in consigning items.  Please feel welcome to contact me by telephone, email or by post if you have any queries.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With kind regards,

Nicholas Toovey, BA (hons), FRSA.

For and on behalf of Toovey’s