Mon 10 Jan 2011 by April_Rose Illustration

A.O.I  Pro-action Campaign


Making a living from the visual arts isn't getting any easier. Negotiating the pitfalls of bad contracts and exploitative small print can be frustrating. Luckily, awareness of the problem is growing, so you are not alone.

Pro-Action, Visual Artists in Business Campaign and Liaison Group was established in 2006 and primarily represents the interests of professional visual artists. It is intended to help artists protect their copyright and get just rewards for their creativity and hard work. But Pro-Action is also here to advise commissioners and publishers on agreeing terms that are in everyone's interest.

To make a real difference we need your support and would like to hear your views. We warmly urge other organizations representing the visual arts to join us on the committee. can make a difference to redress the balance between the creative community and the companies who use your work commercially. Register your interest in our campaigns. Endorse our online petition by clicking the link below left.