Octopus Gallery, Brighton launch party on Fri 15th October 6-10pm.

Fri 15 Oct 2010 by Angela_McKay

Bongout, Berlin* Bongout are two graphic designers Meeloo G’feller and Anna Hellsgard whose printed works are held in numerous museums & collections such as the MOMA, NY (Museum of Modern Art) and The State Museum of Berlin. This is a rare chance to travel deep into the underground of the Berlin art scene. Bongout have been making subversive cutting edge artwork for the past 15 years for leading bands. Their distinctive vibrant style is based upon jarring juxtapositions, dynamic compositions and expansive sprawling drawings. On display is a stunning collection totaling over 70 prints.* *Contributing artists: Jacknife - screen-printed posters - Bristol John Howard - 3D screen-prints - California Mark Wheatley - Neo pop collage - Brighton Etienne - Intensive steam punk illustration - Brighton http://www.octopusgallery.co.uk http://www.rhyswootton.co.uk +44 (0) 7812 929 048 skype: rhys-wootton