Madhatters Cafe exhibition

Wed 23 Dec 2009 by James_Browne

My little show of wacky framed poster-prints ... Here's a blurry photo of my poster-prints hanging on the wall at the Madhatters cafe on Western road - next to Jamie Oliver's little corner shop, Waitrose. My framed wacky posters will be showing here till 6th January. When its over I'll update this post with what flew off the wall like a bluebottle with its arse on fire. Well, its over now and nout sold. I guess its the wrong time of year - just after christmas an' all. To book wall-time at the Madhatters you may need to do so months in advance - phone: 722279. The good thing is its free to exhibit there and sell your stuf as there's no commission charged at all, unlike other cafe walls in Brighton which often want something for the privilege of decorating their walls with local artists work. Another free hanging venue is Harrys English Restaurant at 41 Church Road, where I've sold some Poster-art in the recent past - their phone number is: 727410. The Duke of York's cinema is also an ideal venue too. Also try Redroaster Cafe, they said no to my stuff, guess it wasn't twee enough for there taste. They're at - 1d St James's Street Brighton BN2 1RE 01273 686668 I'm always on the lookout for suitable wall space venues around town (as I'm sure other B I G members might well be interested in knowing too) and should I hear of others I will add them to the Pinboard. Thats all for now.