Illustration opportunity

Sat 14 Nov 2009 by Alan (Fred)_Pipes

Laura Atkins writes: I have been commissioned to create a prototype picture book to submit to publishers. Paul Webb, who has hired me, had the concept behind books featuring the character, Lollipop Lil, with the aim of teaching road safety tips through fun and entertaining stories. I've now had an author finish the story and am looking for an illustrator to provide illustrations. Here's what we're offering to the selected illustrator. In exchange for providing one complete illustrated book dummy for a 32-page picture book (with a full-colour and complete cover illustration and two interiors, and then complete line drawings for rest of book - completed with feedback from me and Paul) Paul will pay £300 (£150 on signing of contract and £150 upon approved completion). The illustrator will also receive 16% of the intellectual Property Rights if the book is commissioned by the publisher and the selected illustrator used. To submit your work for consideration, the illustrator can contact me and I will email the story. After that, I ask that the illustrator email me a character sketch of Lollipop Lil and her dog, Uggie, as well as emailing other samples of your work (or sending me a link to your website). Contact: [email protected]