HELP! - Campaign for affordable artists’ workspaces in Brighton and Hove

Tue 20 Nov 2012 by Allan_Sanders


The developers who want to bulldoze our studios have now withdrawn the current version of their plans. Hurrah! We’d like to thank all of you who have shown support in registering (on the developers website) the need for affordable workspace in the Hove Station area. Your click might just have made the difference; the developers had to admit there was a need for workspace...

However, it’s not over yet. Developers will submit new plans both for our site and others in Brighton and Hove. Inevitably, these will all aim for maximum profit unless we make sure the Council enshrines the need for affordable workspace in their future plans for our city.

This isn’t just about APEC artists’ studios, this is about ensuring the preservation of affordable spaces across the whole city for artists and creative’s to make art in.

How can we do this? By showing the Council that lots of people think Brighton’s unique personality relies on the culture that originates here, and that for this to continue, creative producers need affordable places to work.

To this end we now have a petition. It went live yesterday. Full details are attached in a pdf. If we can get 1250+ signatures, the petition must be debated at a full council meeting. But there’s a deadline: the petition closes on 21st December so we don’t have much time!

So we are calling on your help once again. If you feel you can, please sign our petition by following this link:

This page gives the full argument for the petition (same as the attached pdf) plus a link you can click on which, after registering (so think of a password) allows you to sign it.

If you want to help MORE, please spread the word by forwarding this email. Write to your local Councillor too. Let them know this is important.

If you’d rather sign a paper copy, the attached pdf also works as a print version. Please print off a page or more and add your name, plus anyone else you know who might?

And if you're involved in any kind of public space (shop, exhibition space, cafe, art class or anything else) and can pass a copy round for others to sign, or if you know someone who would be willing to put up the petition in their space, please do so.

For further information, and how to get signed sheets collected, please contact Chris Stevens on [email protected]

We need all the help we can get, we’ve only got a month, but it’s not impossible! A lot of people will be showing work in the run up to Christmas, our city is full of exhibitions and events, there are a lot of artists and makers in the city, many more enjoy what we do.

Please help, your support is an important contribution to keeping our city the unique place it is.

Many thanks for your time reading this
Apologies for cross-posting

Chris Stevens
APEC Studios

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