Mon 18 Mar 2013 by Emma_McCann

We are seeking a skilled illustrator to create illustrations for an innovative video piece. The aim of the video is to promote a “soon to be published book” by Steve Nobel; author, coach and workshop presenter. The concept for the illustrations are already prepared, it is your task to create charismatic, fun illustrations to tell the story. You will be working closely with Anna, our project manager, to develop the project and you need to be available for frequent Skype meetings to discuss the artwork. We are seeking a committed artist who is willing to give that little extra and who works well in a team.

Number of drawings:
7 detailed drawings involving characters and environments plus 5 simpler drawings; character illustrations that will introduce each chapter of the story. 

£200 (paid on completion of the project)

We will edit an extra version with your name stated as illustrator, this piece you are free to use as promotional material and for your own portfolio.

Deadline for applying: 22nd March 2013
Contact Anna on the email below and include a link to your website, online portfolio or attach illustrations (72dpi files)

Deadline for artwork:
3rd of April 2013

Contact details: [email protected]

Previous project:

Book Summary –The basic premise of this book is that we are here to open, grow, mature, awaken and deepen. We do in different ways, by our own volition, by the intelligence of the body, or through life taking the reins and leading us on a merry dance. A transition is more than a change because a transition changes you on the inside as well as the outside. Fundamentally a transition ends one phase of life and leads to another. Personal transition can be an exciting or very challenging process. Usually when we move into the transition process through our own volition it is more exciting and when we feel drawn into it against our will it feels more challenging, chaotic and scary. Every transition comes offering the potential for awakening, growth, liberation, flow and adventure. In the case of challenging transitions this may take some time to fully realise. Personal transition is becoming increasingly more commonplace because it fits within a greater context of global awakening. This book gives a basic map and understanding of the process of transition. It explores the different paths of transition and it gives essential tools to navigate each step of the way.

About Steve
- Steve’s website

He has a personal email list of around 1800, sending out regular monthly e-newsletters.

-3 profiles on Facebook with a total of around 11,700 friends.

- A fan page with 2100 likes.

- A community page on FB called The Writer's Salon ,which is for writers and creative people with 444 likes.

- A personal blog

- A Twitter following with 1650 followers.

- A LinkedIn account with 200 connections

- Steve’s book is published by Watkins Publishing and he envision that they will also show the video clip on their website

- Steve run regular writing events through LCS in Central London. He will post a link on these groups: