Comics Workshop White Night

Sat 30 Oct 2010 by Indra Shann

Snippet of poster for the event

This Comics and Illustration  event is happening as part of the White Night late night events on Saturday 30th October. The workshop runs from 10pm till Midnight and it's being held at The Brighton Buddhist Centre at 17, Tichbourne St, Brighton.People can drop in for any period during the event. The theme of the overall event is Illumination so I've called my workshop       ' What is Enlightenment?' It's an opportunity for participants to reflect, through the medium of drawing and comics, on what your ideals and goals are, what you see as your path or purpose ... if any! This can be as serious or satirical as you like . I'm hoping to get a diverse collection of people to turn up so we get a broad reflection of what humanity is up to! The only thing to bring is a black drawing pen as I might run out otherwise. All the contributions can be uploaded to the Buzz Comic website, so it will create a bit of a potted narrative of peoples life stories and aspirations.