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Thu 27 Oct 2011 by Angela_McKay

You are probably aware of the original scheme set up by Nick Hornby in Islington The idea is to promote writing and story telling workshops for kids (especially boys, girls are smarter why fight it). To aim would be to set up a monthly session (probably at St Luke's school in Queen's park). We would gather a roster of volunteer writers and illustrators and original thinkers to inspire the kids to write their own short stories. The workshop would last 2 hours (with a briefing beforehand). The kids would work in groups marshalled by parents and teachers but at the end of each session each child would take home a paper version of their story with their name on it. The stories would be published on a dedicated website (liberally plastered with your illustrations).

Volunteers would receive plenty of glory (but no cash, sorry) plus FREE endorphins in a combustively creative atmosphere.

BiG illustrators already have BiG hearts and I am sure lots of you volunteer on other projects and I am also sure you are not short of request for free work. But hope springs eternal. What I am looking to do is to develop a list of volunteers to draw up a roster. With enough volunteers each person would probably only have to do a couple of sessions a year.

can we draw on your expertise (ouch)

let me know if you are interested e-mail best.



(oh yes its all non-profit making)

paul hendrick
creative director
01273 206157

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