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Christmas Open House and Seasonal Sale!

Tue 24 Nov 2009 by Belen

new cards A BiG welcome for all warm members to John Dilnot and Belen’s Open House!

Biscuit of the Month - November

Fri 20 Nov 2009 by Emma_McCann

Christmas Biscuits! This month they come in a nice tin.

BiG Christmas Party

Fri 20 Nov 2009 by Siobhan_Harrison

Party time Thursday 17 December 2009 - Come along to the Freemasons Tavern for the BiG Christmas Party. Eight till late. DJ Teilo French,…

6x6 meeting report

Fri 06 Nov 2009 by Belen

Five of the six - Bill was presenting! It was a full house upstairs at The Eagle pub. A drink or two fuelled the friendly atmosphere and the…

6x6 - Six Illustrators on show at The Eagle

Fri 30 Oct 2009 by Alan (Fred)_Pipes

Bill Donohoe shows real artwork Last night was BiG’s first 6x6 night. Alan Baker, Lee Woodgate (replacing Vicky), Allan Sanders, Graham Carter, Nishant Choksi…

BiG Wedding

Sun 18 Oct 2009 by CAS

The Groom flashes the guests. Finally after 16 years of being together, BiG members Caz and Nic actually got married…

Biscuit of the Month - October

Thu 15 Oct 2009 by Emma_McCann

It's Biscuit time again!

Checking Up

Thu 15 Oct 2009 by Jo_Moore

Alan Baker 'Little Rabbits' First Number Book' As many of you may have heard on the news recently there are currently proposals to introduce police checks for…

BiG website launch

Fri 25 Sep 2009 by Alan (Fred)_Pipes

Standing room only at Castor + Pollux It was standing room only at Castor + Pollux last night as web designer Tim Jukes unveiled the new BiG website…

PRIME BRIEF. What Cate Did

Mon 21 Sep 2009 by Jo_Moore

Image caption In a return of our occasional series a BiG member shares a particularly juicy job with us. This month legendary…

Biscuit of the Month - September 2009

Sat 19 Sep 2009 by Emma_McCann

Biscuit logo - colour version coming soon! Ooo, well this is exciting, isn’t it? Our first e-biscuit! New technology depending, what I hope to do is…

BiG Beach Barbie

Fri 28 Aug 2009 by Alan (Fred)_Pipes

BiG BBQ folks on the beach Back in the middle of August we got together for our annual summer gathering. Despite the unpredictability of the weather,…

Telling a Story. David Lucas - Children’s Book Illustrator and Writer

Tue 04 Aug 2009 by Angela_McKay

David Lucas notes David hung around waiting for everyone to get a tea and chocolate biscuit.  His books were all standing up…