Biscuit of the Month - September 2009

Sat 19 Sep 2009 by Emma_McCann

Biscuit logo - colour version coming soon!

Ooo, well this is exciting, isn't it? Our first e-biscuit! New technology depending, what I hope to do is put things up on the website as I come across them and then compile all of them into one big summary once a month for the newsletter. That way I should be able to include anything else that any of you lot discover, too. I must say that I'm particularly excited about have colour photos/illustration here! But, anyway, enough geeking out. Back to the main event:

Illustrator of the Month: Jen Corace

I'm sure I must've harped on about Jen Corace here before, but as I can't seem to locate her anywhere in my previous columns, I'll mention her here. Jen is originally from New Jersey and graduated from Rhode Island School of Design. She likes “Victorian era photographic portraiture, reading up on any and every animal and and eating toast”. I heartily recommend checking out her fantastic illustrations for Cynthia Rylant's “Hansel and Gretel”, which are simultaneously simple and detailed; and her fun and cute “Little Pea” - a young pea who can't go out to play until he's eaten all his sweets. Jen has two more books coming out early in 2010, so keep an eye on Amazon for their release dates. Amazon link to her books:

Blog of the Month: Nancy Wolff

A great blog updated daily by American children's illustrator, Nancy Wolff. In her own words she describes her blog as: “a good way to organize and show work. My plan for this blog is to have a weekly theme until I run out of topics, or come up with something better”. She's currently on dinosaurs. A staggering amount of work to gawp at. Where does she find the time?!

Interesting Resource of the Month: Warren Photographic

Need a photo of a camel for your current project? How about a salamander? Bat? Porcupine? What about an aurora? A glacier? Surely everyone needs to draw some lichen once in a while? Then check out this huge range of reference photographs for a million and one things here:

Exhibition of the Month: War Stories

War Stories is running at Hove Museum from 29th September until the 10th January 2010. The official blurb reads: “War Stories tells the story of the home front in Brighton and Hove during World War II, using photographs from the archive of the Brighton Herald newspaper....The exhibition also includes extracts from the Herald newspaper, such as news reports, editorial comments and readers’ letters. These help tell the stories behind the events and characters portrayed in the photographs. Sometimes dramatic, but often mundane, they show that local experiences of the war were often more complex and ambiguous than the photographs suggest.” War Stories, 23rd September 2009 – 10th January 2010, Hove Museum & Art Gallery, 19 New Church Road, Hove. BN3 4AB. Open: Tuesday – Saturday 10am–5pm, Sunday 2–5pm. Closed on Mondays including Bank Holidays and Good Friday, 24-28 Dec, 1 Jan. Admission FREE.


Biscuit of the Month: Comes, again, courtesy of Alan Baker:

“A very controversial one this.... Jaffa cakes! The old argument that has, at times, almost torn our nation apart. "Are they Biscuits or are they cakes?" It says cakes in the title, but they look like biscuits. Difficult isn't it? Whenever I come across an insurmountable problem, I ask myself "What would Mrs Thatcher do with this dilemma?" Talking to us in a grave and understanding voice, as if our pet dog had just died, she would say- "Just rejoice, and give praise to our gallant manufacturers, who, in these difficult economic times, are still able to produce the trifles and delicacies that bind our nation together" Thanks, Alan. PS Just to add that next month's column will see the introduction of an all-new, colour logo, more info about upcoming events in and around the Brighton area, and a report on some serious biscuit-munching, all undertaken in the name of research. If you come across anything you think might be of interest to us Illustrator folks and you'd like to see it here, then please email [email protected]