Blog: Recent jobs and new books

Outsized Vegetables

Thu 28 Jan 2010 by Penny_Dann

The Giant Carrot New book - “The Giant Carrot” by Penny Dann and Allan Manham

Apps update

Wed 04 Nov 2009 by Geo_Parkin

Colin The Barbarian Colin The Barbarian titles now available from the App Store.

Planet Party City

Sun 25 Oct 2009 by Geo_Parkin

Detail from 'Halloweenia' map. Nice job, but what exactly was the point?

Another Secret Fairy

Thu 22 Oct 2009 by Penny_Dann

New Book from Penny Dann New Secret Fairy Publication for 2009

Visit Robot City!

Thu 22 Oct 2009 by Penny_Dann

Steve and Theo of Dave's Comics heartily approve of Robot City. New books by Paul Colicutt. Start of major series.

App-ortunity Knocks.

Wed 07 Oct 2009 by Geo_Parkin

Vernon Bright and the Magnetic Banana, App cover image It’s not all directions to the nearest Starbucks and Insult-Generators, you know. The App Store also features books. This…

Dragon’s Blood Pirates - 18 book epic series available now!!!  (in Australia…)

Tue 06 Oct 2009 by Rory Walker

A page from book 3 of the Dragon's Blood Pirate series. Recently finished the 18th book in the series of Dragon’s Blood Pirates for Hachette Australia.