Apps update

Wed 04 Nov 2009 by Geo_Parkin

Colin The Barbarian

Further to my earlier ramblings on the subject of resurrecting old books as iPhone Apps, just wanted to point out that another two titles I worked on with The Two Steves are now available from the App Store.

Colin The Barbarian and Colin II – The Barbarian Returns, from 1995 and 1997 respectively, have been given the kiss of digital life that was recently administered to our Vernon Bright books.

This means I now have six Apps available for download and am technically entitled to purchase an iPod Touch on which to view them, I believe. At least this is the justification I've prepared in anticipation of the reproachful domestic sarcasm that's headed my way when it arrives in the post.

Plus, you can make fart noises with them; what more do you want?