“Puffin by Design” - 70 Years of Puffin Books

Wed 09 Jun 2010 by Penny_Dann

The cover takes shape

This is an image from the cover shoot for

"Puffin by Design" which has just been published

to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Puffn Books.

Written by Professor Phil Baines and designed by B.i.G. familiar face Tom Sanderson it contains lots of lovely images inside of covers throughout the years.

Tom printed out the giant type in position on a huge sheet of paper. We then unpacked (and individually labelled!) a thousand books before they were laid out to create the cover design.

The whole thing was then photographed in sections from above, and Tom stitched it all together back in the studio.

There's a video on the making of the cover here, accompanied by the song "There's Nuffin' like a Puffin" (worth a look for that alone).