Competition:  They draw horses, don’t they?

Thu 09 May 2013 by Vicky_Woodgate

They draw horses, don't they?

Our friends at Inky solutions are currently running a great competition this month.
They have challenged us to Draw horses on the back of postcards! these will be judged online during June, the winner (or horse image with the most likes) shall receive a free print run of 500 postcards (any image, doesn't have to be your horse!)

You can submit digital artwork online or pick up free blank postcards from Inky solutions at the Annex, 43 Belmont street, Brighton, BN1 4HN
see details here

Steve from Inky says

" The competition is just a bit of fun really and a great way for the artists to advertise themselves, It's getting a fair amount of interest too, i'm getting horses from all over the country and as far a field as North America!
Quite a few high profile Illustrators have already agreed to join in, so it's shaping up for a great battle!
Oh and  if your wondering the reason he chose horses, well it's because they're hard to draw... everyone knows that!

Horse drawing by kitten Mitten