West Pier in Lights 10th Feb

Sat 06 Feb 2010 by Penny_Dann

West Pier Lighting Event

Website address for the West Pier event


From The Argus article-

French lighting studio Creatmosphere, in collaboration with the West Pier Trust and local artists, will conjure the ghost of the pier on the site of its charred remains. Using a series of powerful, mathematically programmed lasers, the wreck will effectively be “re-built” in light.

“Basically, a structure is going to appear out of nowhere, moving and oscillating,” explains Niki Best, a Brighton-based artist who has helped create the event. “You will be able to see it for miles around.”

From 6pm-10pm, free. Visit http://www.creatmosphere.com or www.tigerbeer.co.uk/yearofthetiger for more details