Curtis wins the Brighton Jam Draw 2010!

Fri 18 Jun 2010 by Curtis_Tappenden

Curtis's lively and imaginative acrylic painting- an immediate response to the seven acoustic sets

It was announced as the 'best of Brighton's artists and musicians' and the four painters- Will, Jasmine, Annelies and Curtis had battled through the heats to be present in the final. Also appearing, 7 acoustic acts,with styles ranging from raw, dirty blues to flamenco. The artists once again adjusted their styles to interpret the muso shades, matching colours and strokes to lyrical mood and sung narratives.Annelies painted in her customary oils and the waft of turpentine hung heavily in the air. Curtis unfamiliarly daubed around the board in acrylic- dashing the frame with colour and fleeting paintstrokes. It all went brilliantly for everyone, the vibe was a mixture of chill and excitement, and by end there was a real buzz in the bar. Winners were finally announced 4 hours later. Curtis had won the popular vote of the audience and walked away a hundred quid the richer. He may be past 40, but the game ain't up yet! His first competition win in 22 years....