Biscuit of the Month- March

Mon 01 Mar 2010 by Emma_McCann

Eh up all. I think last month's approach worked really well, so I shall continue in that vein until someone tells me to shut up. So, let's have a look at what's been interesting, exciting and educational on the old interwebs over the past few weeks. Again, the titles will lead you to more information/full articles, so do click through to find out more.

20 Tutorials for Photoshop's 20th Birthday

Good old Photoshop is 20 years old this year, and to celebrate, Digital Arts have rounded up a collection of the 20 best Photoshop tutorials. Want to know how to create a "water drenched photomontage"? How about "B Movie Poster Art"? Thought so. Click on the title to go and explore the wealth of tutes on offer. There's plenty on the DA site to keep you interested once you've exhausted those, too.

Escape from Illustration Island

Here's a cool site I came across quite by chance. An American site (but don't let that put you off!). EFII is "a central hub of Illustration Resources and a growing Illustration Community" with over 200 illustration resource links, a weekly Podcast and articles and advice on business, creativity, and staying inspired, amongst many more resources. Well worth checking out.

Damien Weighill

I came across his Alphabet of Books (below), and liked his whole portfolio. Apparently, "Damien was abandoned at birth, deep in the idyllic woodlands of the North East of England where he was adopted by a local clan of bigfoot. His youth was spent making brief and indistinct appearances on campers’ home videos and learning a rudimentary form of communication which the bigfoot called drawing." Poor chap.

T Shirt War

A fantastic stop-motion animation using over 200 individually designed T shirts. Just genius.


The Graveyard Book: Chinese Cover

Neil Gaiman's award-winning children's book is being published in China with this fabulous cover:


Flickr: Painted Wall Advertising

Lots of examples of old adverts and shop signs you used to get painted on the sides of buildings. Also known as "Ghost Signs", these are an interesting look at vintage graphic design. Follow the links on the right hand side of the Flickr page for more groups and examples.

(Photo by roadsidenut)

Biscuit of the Month

Toffee Apple Shortbread. Hom. Nom.


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