Berger & Wyse Meeting Report

Sat 23 Jun 2012 by Penny_Dann

Well, those of you that didn’t make it to the last meeting missed a right treat…
The fabulous Joe Berger and Pascal Wyse spoke on the nature of their collaboration, rather astutely summed up for us here
Joe on Pascal
“He’s almost always right – sometimes.”
Pascal on Joe
“It only really works because of me.”
Their prolific writing and cartooning output runs alongside Pascal’s other careers in journalism and music, and Joe’s picture books and animation work.
It was a test for the audience to concentrate whilst laughing at the cartoons as they talked us through the history and the process behind their work.  They revealed the importance of timing, even within a single frame -  the critical mix that takes into account the time a viewer will give a piece, and the ‘gap’ between words and pictures - it has to be just the right size for the viewer to fill in the missing piece to complete the gag.
After time spent on “The Pitchers” about a pair of distinctly unsuccessful writers in Hollywood they moved through broader themes, later settling on the subject of food. After all “everyone eats – well, almost everyone”.  These run each week in the Saturday Guardian Magazine… Dear Reader, I just love ‘em!