New Website - A message from our Webmaster and the B.i.G. Team

Thu 19 Apr 2012 by Penny_Dann

"I hope we've got a lot of teething issues out of the way but it is worth mentioning that there's a known issue with filenames with spaces and odd characters in them. I just haven't had time to track this one down.

If anyone has a problem please confirm what browser you're using and if on mac/pc and also to send through the image they were trying. Any screengrabs or notes of error messages seen all help me track down issues faster. I'd prefer it if enquiries can go through [email protected] first if possible."

We hope you like the new look, and that when the dust settles you will all find it a straightforward and attractive site to use. When you post a blog entry an automatic link appears to your portfolio, so happy blogging!