Jam Draw draw! Curtis goes through to the final…

Fri 11 Jun 2010 by Curtis_Tappenden

Joint winners, painter Annelies Clarke and BIG's own Curtis Tappenden June 10th, and those passing by the Pavilion on their way into town were met with an unusual gig in Castle Square's HaHa Bar. 'Jam Draw', where the city's more outgoing artists have had opportunity to interpret live, acoustic music in a funky setting. Judged by the audience, these muso creatives including Rory Walker and Curtis Tappenden have, during the last couple of months, thrilled the bar's audiences with their rhythmic delights emerging in the Kandinsky/Klee or even Whistler Nocturne traditions!
So, BIG's one and only song and dance man, Curtis Tappenden pitched against Fiveway's stalwart, Annelies Clarke samba'd his soul out to 'draw' with her and both are through to next week's final. Congratulations Curtis. Don't miss it! Ha Ha Bar, Thursday 17th June, 8pm.