Artists Open Houses 30th year Art Guerrilla Marketing 2011

Mon 02 May 2011 by Angela_McKay

This year it's our 30th birthday which really is something amazing and we need to let people know about it!  We came up with the idea of a guerrilla arts marketing campaign -  meaning that we advertise the festival to the general public in unexpected and unconventional ways in the street.
If you'd like to get involved, we're asking you to make artwork around the theme of 30 (as simple or as complicated as you'd like), let it be seen from the street and photo it.  We'll post it on the website with your details, which will benefit you and your open house too. 

The more people that take part, the greater the advertising effect. 

Let people know about our AOH Festival!  We've got something to celebrate!  You help us - we help you!  Make a 30 for people to see in the streets of our city. 

Photo it and send it along with your web address to [email protected].  We will post the photo and your link on the website.  Please be legal.  We won't post your picture otherwise.  Critical mass is everything!  Specs 300-400 pixels in either direction at 72dpi.

To make the campaign work we need as many people as possible to join in, so please forward this info to as many people as possible.  Many thanks!