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I specialise in producing illustration and character design for print and online media. My work combines various techniques including pen and brush line art, printmaking, painting and scratch board. Artwork is then combined and finished digitally to create bold graphic illustration in bright colours and also in dramatic black and white.

I work in three distinct styles:

1: ‘Pixel Love Art’ style mainly licensed for greeting cards and other products but has also been commissioned for editorial projects.

2: ‘Cut-out’ style a flat style of artwork suitable for publishing informational and marketing materials, infographics and narrative illustration including children’s illustration.

3: ‘Scratchy and spooky’ style is used for narrative and book illustration – particularly for spooky horror and fantasy-related subject material and also for concept design.

My clients include publishers, training/education providers, charities and not-for profit organisations, greeting card publishers and conceptual illustration projects for film and animation production that require character design.

Tel: 01903 213847