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​Hello Y’all

I’ve always wanted to be an illustrator so here I am, being an illustrator. I have a HND in textile design and a BA hons in Fashion Promotion and illustration so my work is full of pattern, textures, colour and character.

I mostly work with pens on paper but am experimenting more now with modern home computers (which aren’t, apparently funny televisions connected to large calculators).

I am inspired by childhood memories, pop up books, food cravings, the great outdoors and all of the cheese dreams that I ever had.

I enjoy creating a weird little world, full of flying cakes, animals in bow ties and banjo playing cats… i love drawing cats.

I have recently joined the Skiff in Brighton which is a co-working space for creatives. I would be delighted to work on all sorts of projects at the moment and am especially interested in collaborating with fellow creative geniuses.